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A logo is a professional, graphic representation of your company and its identity. Hightech Signs knows that your company's logo design should appear on every business card, letter, memo, sign, vehicle, web site, etc., that bears your company's name. This key element to your business should be designed by a professional, because it sets the standards for the rest of your advertising.
A business card is your company’s calling card. It should look as professional as possible. Hightech Signs quality of business cards is nothing but the best. We know that you hand out business cards constantly. We have the ability to create innovative designs unique to your company’s look, and we are able to offer you the most options on paper finish available with current technology.
Hightech Signs knows professional stationary design will be an important part to your company's advertising. Having professional stationary for your business is a must. Personalized letterhead and envelopes give your company that professional look that is necessary to stay competitive. Keep in mind that your stationary speaks on behalf of your company when you are not present to do so. Let us help you give your business the look it deserves.
A brochure is a popular advertising service because of its dynamic abilty to be as simple or complicated as you need. We recommend brochures as a way to give a customer more information in print form. When a brochure is done right, it makes your company more memorable and familiar to your potential customer. The brochure allows a more inament look at your company and/or your message. A brochure shows professionalism on a deeper level in two ways, by your text and buy your design. We are happy to helpwith your design or with both. Hightech Signs is excited to discuss with you your specific brochure needs.
A Flyer is always a great way to give your growing business a fresh advertising tool. Flyers offer businesses some creative exposure. Flyers are easy to pass out to clients and business partners alike. Providing information, promotions, or announcements to your customers in a unique way that will keep your brand fresh in their minds with style. Hightech Signs has the know-how to not only design your business’ flyer, but also to give you advice on how to best market your flyers.
Postcards are an easy and effective way to use the mail system to advertise for your company. Postcards don’t overwhelm your customers, instead they offer your customers a reminder that your business exists and wants their business. Hightech Signs can design you a postcard that represents your business as well as sends a friendly message or offer. Postcards are a great way to get your business some positive attention and generate business in the areas you prefer to market to.
Illustrations are an excellent aesthetic choice that can really accentuate your advertisement and/or branding campaign. Original illustrations can be used to create mascots, kid friendly characters, concept drawings, an artistic edge and/or a highly creative advertisement. Illustrations give your business an original marketing option that stands out above the rest. If you are looking for something that really wows the consumer you should definitely consider this option.
Hightech Signs can design your business an effective exhibit display. A creative and sharp exhibit display design draws your customers to come up and take a closer look at what you have to offer. Your display must stand out or customer will not walk up to it. We have the marketing background to understand what design is necessary to attract customers. We will offer your business samples to choose from to give your business the look you need to get people to come up and take a look at what you have to offer.